Concept Design Software

Fully Automatic

3D in minutes

Lower Risk, Save Money

          Anchor Technology, Inc. has developed an exciting new technology that revolutionizes the process of designing fluid and power distribution systems. 

          The technology combines and automates many of the traditionally separate stages of the engineering and design process.  Desktop engineering software using the technology is under development now.


           Anchor Technology, Inc. is developing innovative software technology for automatically synthesizing, routing and analyzing shipboard distribution systems.  These tools automatically generate detailed 3D models of ship distribution systems during concept design. 

          Decisions made at the concept design stage have a profound impact on total life cycle cost of ships.  Large numbers of alternatives need to be evaluated and optimal feasible solutions identified that meet cost, weight, survivability and other performance criteria.

           Shipboard distribution systems require special attention because integrated electrical power systems and high energy combat systems need intensive thermal management. 

          This new technology makes it possible to rapidly generate and evaluate large numbers of alternatives and will reduce costs associated with concept, preliminary and eventually detail ship design, as well as total lifecycle costs. 

Reduces the risk in ship concept design

Shortens concept and preliminary design

Lower energy, lower cost solutions

Shared database, supports design teams

Automated, physics based



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